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{Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) has a symptom, which is similar to that of colon cancer

{Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) has a symptom, which is similar to that of colon cancer

{Do not be surprised if after you have been diagnosed of colon cancer you are told that the stage has advanced. Yes, this is possible because colon cancer does not show its symptoms at the earlier stages. This is the more reason why you should always go for screening to detect this disease early.|The screening you undergo for early detection of colon cancer is not done on every part of your body. Yes, that is a fact. It is not all that comprehensive. It is only done to determine if you have fecal blood. The name for this screening is colonoscopy.}

{You have a sign that has been detected as a sign for colon cancer. Another patient’s sign is different from your’s yet, both of you are suffering from the same ailment. This is not unexpected because the tumor growth in your body may be different from the other patients.|Colon cancer gives different signs in different bodies. This is a logical fact. The common explanation to this is that the cancer growth or tumor may appear in different parts of the colon.|Colon cancer could result to Anaemia. Yes, this is one of the likely signs of the disease. If the tumor growth in any part of the colon increases, bleeding will occur leading to loss of blood and hence, Anemia.}

{Once tumor grows in your colon, you definitely will start to feel pains in your abdominal areas, constipation and even bloating. These are the common signs of colon cancer.|Why should someone experience pains and other signs of colon cancer if there is tumor? This is not far from the fact that this growth might have disturbed the normal pattern of the event of the system. A special instance here is when the intestines are obstructed from their normal activities.}

{Do not ignore any sign you notice, as that can be a sign of colon cancer. This is very important and should be taking seriously. Consult with a doctor for full screening and diagnoses.|Are you finding it difficult to go for colon cancer screening? It is better for you to change your mind if that is what you are experiencing now. The need for this test cannot be over ridden. For your own sake and for your relative peace of mind, please go and get it.|Cancer of the colon does not jump off at the advanced stages in your body. It starts like any other disease from the earlier stages. However, you can attack it at this early stage as you go for colonoscopy test.}